The Story

The idea behind this blog is to tell our story- from both points of view. His and hers.  I am the her and this is my side of the story.  

When I was 16, a friend of mine and her boyfriend wanted to double date with their close friends, so why not set them up on a blind date?  That’s when we met.  For some unknown reason, my memory is terrible!  Whenever I try to remember things from my past, it only comes in bits and pieces.  This is true with every part of my life: my family, my friendships, school,…  Anyway, from the time I was 16 until shortly before my 19th birthday, he was in and out of my life.  A few times, just to be close to me, he moved in with my family.  Sometime in that time period, he joined the marines and was gone for a while.  Upon his return, he again entered the picture.   Funny thing was, we never were a couple really.  He supposedly was intimidated by me.  Looking back, I obviously was an idiot for not seeing what was right there in front of me.  When I think about how I felt about him during that time, I WISH I could remember!!!  I know that I remember feeling very comfortable with him, very safe by him.   Sadly, I had low self esteem and I would feel better about myself if I had a boyfriend.  No matter what kind of lowlife it was.  So, I had been in an abusive relationship, got pregnant, and drew the strength to break it off with the abusive boyfriend for the child’s safety.  Then, he entered the picture again.  Back from the marines.  I was about 7 or 8 months pregnant.  He was only around for a little bit, then had to leave again.  But, he was around long enough for us to make love.  Then, he was gone again.  About 17 years later, I received a friends request on Facebook from him.  I looked at what I could of his profile.  Was a little curious what had taken him to the extreme opposite corner of the US.  But, then, quickly denied the request knowing that was dangerous ground.  5 years later, another friends request.  This time, I accepted it.  I figured I could be strong enough.  I wanted to know how he was doing.  What he was up to.  Besides, my husband’s health had gone downhill really fast and he was refusing to go to the doctor since we didn’t have health insurance.  So, if something were to happen to my husband, I might want to know where he was.  Thing is, I realized he had been holding on to my heart all these years.  Almost right away, I was in the comfortable place again, gazing into his eyes over the computer.  It was as if only a day had passed since we were last together, and we were picking up right where things had left off.  This is the history, the background that brings you to where we are today.  March 2nd it will be a year since I accepted that friends request.  We are still almost 3000 miles away from each other.  Things are VERY complicated as you will find out if you follow our blog.  But, I have never loved anyone like I love him.  And, I don’t regret hitting accept on that friends request.

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